Masakor Scholarship

We're excited to share our $2000 Bachelor and Postgraduate Scholarship contest. One student to win the contest will earn the $2000 prize money.

If higher education is a priority of your life, the Masakor Scholarship contest is something that you shouldn't skip.

마사지코리아 장학금

When it comes to higher education, we want every student to have a fair and equal chance. Hundreds of dreams are shattered every year because people are unable to pay the large college fee.

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Masakor Scholarship is a small initiative from our side to help a student pursue their dream.

All students currently attending a bachelor's or postgraduate course at an
approved college, university, or graduate school can participate in the contest.

If you are interested in our scholarship program and would like to
participate in the contest, and please read very carefully all the details below.

Eligibility Criteria


How to Apply


Selection Procedure 


Our Privacy Policy:

NOTE: The information gathered as part of this application process will only be used to determine eligibility and authenticity of the student’s status, GPA, and enrolment. does not share this information with third parties, nor use your application or personal information for promotional or marketing purposes. This information is kept confidential, and all application materials are deleted or destroyed after we complete our application and evaluation process. Also, the students maintain complete rights over the essays submitted for review.